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As well as being versatile in use, conservatories offer many different choices of design with a whole range of shapes, styles and materials.
However while the design possibilities may seem infinite, nearly all are based on a few fundamental styles:
Victorian – A Victorian-style conservatory has a ridged roof and a multi-faceted end wall creating an elegant rounded effect.

Edwardian – Edwardian conservatories have a ridged roof combined with a rectangular base, giving the classical feel of the Victorian design, but with greater available space.

Edwardian gable conservatory – The Edwardian gable conservatory is designed so that the ridged roof meets a gabled end, resulting in very clean lines that suit many modern homes.

Lean-to – A lean-to conservatory is the simplest design. The conservatory is a single-sloped roof with the longer wall adjoined to the house. It is also a useful style for fitting into a corner area.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof

If you want to add daylight into an orangery or flat roof extension, adding lantern roofs is a great way to do this. Lantern roofs are modern, great value for money and fast and easy to fit. This makes lantern roofs an ideal choice for your home improvement project.

Wherever you choose to install your lantern roof, we are sure that you will love the amount of natural daylight that it will bring into the room below. This will light up previously gloomy corners of your home, making them feel light, bright and airy. Not only will the room with the lantern roofs benefit from the natural light, but any adjoining rooms will also receive extra light.

Smart Aliver Flat Glass Rooflight

Bringing natural light into the home all year round, the high-performance, high-quality Aliver Rooflight system is a fixed, flat solution which creates a contemporary look for any property.

Providing exceptional thermal insulation, light transmission, and noise reduction, the system has been designed to accept both double and triple glazed units.
Featuring an elegant and unobtrusive aluminium frame and a unique, concealed fixing system which makes the rooflight fast and easy to install, the system has also been designed such that the glazing unit may be taken out of the frame and replaced, without the frame itself having to be removed, providing a durable, cost-effective and long-life solution.

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